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Hale Area Citizens Patrol
Organization Officers
President: Greg Urbanczyk 586-224-1491   Vice - President: Gary Koepke 989-254-9784
Secretary: Connie Loomis  728-4796
Treasurer: Doris Koepke 989-305-9435  

The Hale Area Citizens Patrol was established in the mid 1970’s to assist our local Sheriffs department and State Police, by serving as additional eyes and ears. We patrol the lakes, homes, and businesses located in the Hale area and notify law enforcement of anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

We are funded by private donations from local residents and businesses.

We meet The last Sunday of the month at 1:30pm at the Resourse Center(by the Library This is the old Township Hall).
We are always looking for new members. If interested in joining us call Connie or Greg.